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Benefits to you at a glance

  1. A Strong market position

    With over 300,000 holiday homes and apartments throughout Europe, the USA and beyond, CASAMUNDO is able to count itself among the leading holiday home portals on the German speaking web. As a result, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive choice of high quality holiday homes. Why not be part of it?

  2. User friendly
    You can showcase your holiday property on our website simply and in next to no time at all. All you need to do is to enter the relative information such as pricing and availability,compile an appealing and truthful description with descriptive photos and we're pretty much ready to go!

  3. Appealing description
    Your holiday property won't only be presented through the photos on our page but also through its location (googlemaps) and an online calender as well as smaller pictures that clarify the feature of the property. These, in combination with your informative description significantly raise the appeal of your property.

  4. A superb level of customer support 7 days a week
    Any queries and bookings made by your future guests will be taken and dealt with by our competent service team. Our team is here everyday of the week and processes all requests and bookings in a helpful and friendly manner. We are also always on hand with help and advice, should you have any questions.

  5. No exclusive obligation or commitment to CASAMUNDO
    It is possible to continue to privately and independently rent your property.

  6. International presence
    The placement of your property on casamundo.de also opens it up to our German speaking neighbours in Austria and Switzerland.

  7. Complete control over price and availability
    You decide when and at what price your holiday property is bookable and occupiable.

  8. Search engine visibility
    When customers search for a holiday home through Google, CASAMUNDO ranks very high in the list of search results. Now nothing can stop your holiday home from being right in front.

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